Monday, March 17, 2014

Worse than warts: lawyers and lobbyists

"Politicians are like warts on the body of society. And the only thing worse than warts are lawyers and lobbyists."
Jarod Kintz, Who Moved My Choose?: An Amazing Way to Deal With Change by Deciding to Let Indecision Into Your Life

I set off looking for quotes about lawyers and lying and found one above at Goodreads.
The Sacramento Bee has somewhat closed its comment policy, so I’ll make my comment here. Apparently, the word “Viewpoint” is now an acceptable replacement for “Editorial.”

Viewpoints: Immigration reform a necessary strategy for U.S. economy

By Tom Nassif and Brad Smith
Special to The Bee
The Sacramento Bee, Published: Sunday, Mar. 16, 2014 - 12:00 am
First, let’s do a little research on the authors of this editorial, Tom Nassif is the president and CEO Western Growers and Brad Smith general counsel for Microsoft.
Western Growers Association is a registered lobbyist, Senate Id# 38676-152 and House Id# 329970012 Nassif is an attorney and has represented various growers associations in the field of labor law.
Brad Smith, also an attorney,  has a long history with Microsoft, but also began as a lobbyist with Covington and Burling who managed to spend $350,000.00 of Microsoft Corp. lobbying budget in 2013.
I’m not accusing these men of lying, it appears that our economy has been out of equilibrium for so long, due largely to our mass-immigration policy, that these attorneys and lobbyists cannot fathom employing a workforce that is not indentured by a work permit and/or earns a wage that is commensurate with living expenditures. 

And no, Mr. Smith, we will not encourage our children to pursue Computer Science degrees,  when 65% of computer-related employment growth went to theH-1B visa worker program alone in the last six years.  (There is also the TN visa, the L-1 visa and the OPT visa (all long term temporary) where the occupational counts are unknown.)

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