Saturday, February 16, 2008

Is excessive immigration destroying your child's future?

Pro-immigration pundits argue that Globalization is a new fact of life and that Americans must "get used to it." Another fact of life about Globalization is that America does not create enough jobs to support domestic population growth. America must adjust last century’s archaic immigration policy to reflect the new realities of Globalization.

The victims of our current immigration policy are our children. Continuation of the current immigration policy will destroy the employment outlook for millions of American children in each future recession.

Emancipation age children account for about 13,568,057 of this century’s population growth, when subtracting the population losses (CDC deaths). The Civilian noninstitutional population has grown by 23,784,000 persons this Century, while employment has grown by only 11,767,656.

(A six year avg. of emancipation age children (Census)over (CDC) deaths data is 1.696 million children per year.)

The following graph shows the actual number of children entering the workforce and the growth in employment where actual data is available. Excluding immigrants, 8.5 million of our children competed for 5.6 million jobs between 2000 and 2004.

(The total growth in the Civilian noninstitutional population for the 2000-2004 period was 15.8 million.)

Looking at the employment to population ratio provided by the Bureau of Labor statistics, the growth in the Civilian noninstitutional population exceeds job growth by 107% for women and 97% for men. Note the departure of job growth from the population growth trends during the 2001 and 2007 recession(s).

Somehow, the unemployment rates do not reflect these out of work Americans and immigrants.

_________________________Jan, 2008___ Jan, 2000 __ Change
Unemployment Level - Men ___ 4,197,000 ___ 2,978,000 __1,219,000

Unemployment Level - Women __3,378,000___ 2,730,000___ 648,000

If you don't mind having your kids resigning themselves to a life of television and video games, and would enjoy raising your grandkids in your home -- the current immigration policy is perfect for you.

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