Thursday, April 17, 2008

Aggregate: Bachelor's Degrees vs Employment Growth

Highly-skilled labor shortage? These aggregate NCES and BLS figures don't support a shortage in skilled personnel.
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Prior to 2000, American degree production for citizens/permanent residents and employment growth for college grads were relative. The delta between college degrees and graduate employment was a shortfall 2,061,405 jobs in 2006.

The Unemployment level of College Graduates went from a low of 559,000 in 2001, to an all time high of 1,221,000 in 2004.

(NCES) Temporary Resident Degrees Awarded 2005
Master's = 73,223
Post Masters Certificates = 1,082
Doctor's = 14,342
Professional Degrees = 2,037
Professional Certificates = 260
Total = 90,944

The Employent-based (EB) green card program's quota is 120,120 -- and all visa are recaptured. Assuming all of the foreign postgraduates were interested in immigrating, the EB could handle all of the postgraduates at 75.5% of the quota.

As per the NSF only 74% of foreign S&E Doctoral degree holders are interested in American citizenship.


NCES Graduation Data: Table 274.

BLS Employment Data:

Table 7. Awards conferred by Title IV institutions, by race/ethnicity, level of award, and gender: United States, academic year 2004-05

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Anonymous said...

excellent analysis and graphs.
This is getting to be such a sham and even worse, people are now going into massive debt to get their ticket to the middle class, little do they realize that their ticket has been sold off to India and China.