Friday, June 1, 2012

Obama’s 87% Unemployment Rate

Only 100,000 jobs added in Obama’s entire term.

Obama may have inherited this mess, but after more than three years, he has utterly failed to understand the seriousness of the employment situation we are in.


The Migration Metric
By taking a snapshot in time, in this case the President’s term to date, we can create a performance metric of Population growth in relationship to Employment growth. 

For the time-period examined:
1.  Determine working age population growth.
2.  Determine the portion of the new Population that entered the Labor Force.
3.  Determine Employment growth correspondent to new Labor Force.
4.   Determine the number and rate of  Unemployment correspondent to the new Labor Force.

Goal: Determine if the U. S. is producing Employment growth that will support Immigration Policy.


Since January of 2009, official (CPS) employment levels have only grown by 100,000 jobs.  Meanwhile, the (Seasonally adjusted) Civilian noninstitutional population grew by 8.2 million, but only 9.4% of the newly added to the working age population (16 and older) found their way into the Labor Force.  (By the way, the Labor Force is simply a group that includes both the Employed and the Unemployed.)

The Labor Force data shows that Labor Force levels have grown by 771,000 since January 2009, again only 9.4% of working age Population growth.  With Employment level growth at 100,000,  only 13% of those added to the Labor Force found employment. 

Remembering that the Labor Force is defined as the Employed plus the Unemployed, the Unemployment rate is 87% of this Labor Force in our 41 month sample.


How many guestworker expansion bills are being debated right now?

Source Data:  Labor Force Statistics (Current Population Survey - CPS)






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Anonymous said...

Forgive my ignorance. What is Seas?

Anonymous said...

Seas = Seasonally adjusted

Weaver said...

Thanks for commenting.

I changed the post so (Seas) to (Seasonally adjusted). The Seasonally adjusted data is "smoothed" and used for the official Unemployment statistic published the first Friday of each month.

immigration lawyers said...

i am agree with you here... In USA no jobs and no hopes for youngsters..

INS said...

How sad that there are lot of Americans who has no jobs. How the government will solve this problem.

Citizenship Application said...

For the past years, employment is still one of the problems that are waiting to be fixed or improve by the US government but somehow the 'luck' that we call in this area is still struggling..

Family Lawyers said...

87% unemployment... this is a very serious issue.the government should concentrate on this issue and try to find the resources to increase the employment growth.