Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Migration Metric

We are a nation of immigrants!

We are also a nation that burned coal for home heating and continues to burn coal for electricity.  Just because we have “always” practiced something, does that mean we should continue to do it? Even after we have identified that the practice has problems?

Our open door immigration policy has created a “Catch 22” problem, spiraling housing costs, and the subsequent salary-requirement to service housing costs, have made the United States an unattractive destination for employment creation.  Immigrant competition for employment stagnates wages (as the US dollar devalues) and immigrants compete for housing, causing “sticky” rental housing rates, which reverberate throughout the housing industry.

The following tables demonstrate employment growth by presidential term since 1976. 
“Sample Population” is our control group, which references growth in persons that can only come from native births, or immigration.  The Migration Metric clearly shows that the immigration subsidy affecting labor and housing must be curtailed.

Jimmy Carter
Served 1977–1981

Ronald Reagan
Served 1981-1989

George H. W. Bush
Served 1989–1993

Bill Clinton
Served 1993–2001

George W. Bush
Served 2001–2009

Barack Obama
Served 2009 – Present
Data: January 2009 to June 2012

With only 11% of the added population counted as  entering the Labor Force, and only 24.6% of that new Labor Force finding employment, shouldn’t we stop “burning” our citizens with mass-immigration policy?

There seems to be some confusion about the Obama era and baby-boomers aging out of the work force. 

Through May 2012, the population growth for those 65 and over, grew by 3,924,000.  If we deduct this population from the “Sample”, we would also have to deduct the employment growth in the 65 and over age-group.  Deducting those  1,170,000  jobs from the “Sample” would put the Obama Presidential term employment growth at roughly –900,000 for those under age 65.

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