Sunday, July 28, 2013

H-1B STEM Investigation Reveals No Shortage

Echoing a study completed by a job placement website called Bright (
July 27, 2013•04:11 PM

Is the U.S. Too Hungry for Foreign Workers?

  • Ray Hennessey
Bright used its database of roughly a million active resumes over the past 45 days and created dummy job descriptions based on so-called labor condition applications, or LCAs, filed by companies in the second quarter. LCAs aren't actually H-1B visa applications, but they indicate an intention on the part of a company to fill an opening with a foreign worker.
Then Bright matched its candidate pool with available jobs. What's more, it looked at the matching geographically. So, if a company in Troy, Mich., posted a position for a computer programmer, Bright only found qualified candidates in that geographic area.
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