Thursday, October 27, 2016

H-1B Lottery Application Abuse

H-1B Lottery Application Abuse

H-1B applications nine times the amount of job growth.

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Keep America at Work posted some LCA data today, which reminded me that I wanted to see some comparisons.

9 H-1B applications compared to each job in the prior years's growth?  The Computer Systems Analysts occupation only employs 556,660, adding 272,221 (H-1B) would be a 49% increase. The occupation has only grown 38,430 since 2008.

The H-1B program is obviously being abused by overwhelming the system with free applications. It is the equivalent to the government giving away free lottery tickets. All the employer has to do is apply, the application fees are paid only if the visa selected in the lottery -- all other applications are returned unopened -- i.e., those checks are not cashed.  An H-1B Dependent employer can apply for 10,000 H-1B visas, without incurring the $40 million that it should cost to do so.

(I.e., Foreign outsourcers apply for 20 visas, even though they only need one. Stacks the odds in their favor and costs them net nothing.)

Giveaway to H-1B Employers Opens Huge Hole in USCIS Budget

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