Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Debunking Forbes: 14 In-demand Tech Jobs Employers Are Struggling To Fill

I'm writing this because some Congressman will inevitably cite Forbes and enter this piece of fake news into the Congressional record.

Forbes Business Contributor, Laurence Bradford, published a click-bait piece titled, "14 In-demand Tech Jobs Employers Are Struggling To Fill".  The article is 15 pages of photos, each containing a basic caption about a purported tech job. The reader has the pleasure of loading all of the Forbes advertising 15 times to get through the article.

Ms. Bradford claims that has the following, 1,076,505 positions that "...employers are struggling to fill."

Job #TitlePurported GlassDoor Postings
1IT Architect 10,487
2Security Engineer 18,686
3Data Scientist 20,498
4QA Engineer 23,543
5Front End Engineer 25,064
6Mobile Developer 40,112
7Java Developer 42,233
8Data Engineer 49,712
9Network Engineer 57,008
10Software Engineer 69,989
11Product Manager 70,488
12DevOps Engineer 155,476
13Solutions Architect 176,372
14Systems Engineer 316,837

The problem is that GlassDoor only has a total of 441,693 listings

GlassDoor: All Job Openings 441,693 Jobs

Forbes is a staunchly pro-immigration publication...

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